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The only complicated relationship I have in my life will forever be with my computer:
*on youtube or reading manga* "LOAD FASTER YOU BASTARD!!!"
*in middle of uploading super-important essay/project and suddenly slows down* "NOOO BABY, I LOVE YOU!!"

:iconfriendlymushroomplz: MAYBE IT'S FRIENDLY~!!
What are renders exactly?… (Wikipedia)

**I don't know too much about rendering, but what concerns me:

If someone renders a photo of another type of artwork, should they be able to publish it here on dA without consent of the original creditor? In my opinion, I don't think they should. I would like to think they should rightfully find the artist whom created the piece they are rendering, ask permission FROM the artist if they may render the piece and re-post it on various sites so that the one who renders the piece may receive credit as well as the artist. It is still considered stolen art if you render something and claim it all as your own (artwork included). Just like with fan art, if you are going to publish it make sure you have included whom the original art is by [ex: Original Art (c) Tite Kubo] and fan art is by [ex: Fan Art (c) Me or your dA name].

Now, if the render is done by you and you don't know the artist but credit them anyway is fine (to me) but to use and distribute saying "feel free to use" is STRICTLY disrespectful and against the original artist's rights. Because it is technically NOT FREE to use without artist permission.

It is not fair to the artist that worked very hard to accomplish their astounding art pieces and then having someone else slap their label onto the piece like they created it. Compliment and respect the original artist for their hard work.

**I appreciate all forms of art, as I am an artist as well. Rendering is fascinating work, thank you all whom are able to do this; I know I can't :iconotlplz:.

Some sample renders WITHOUT credit to artist:
:bulletred: (most people know who this is, should still give credit to original creator please)

Correct way to publish a rendered piece:

**I noted all of these deviants (hopefully I didn't miss anyone, I checked but I can be an airhead sometimes) without intention of stating that any one of them are a 'bad person'. Would like to appreciate your work more if you stated whom it was actually from, so that others, such as myself, may appreciate the time and effort it took for the original artist. Some of these deviants have been confronted already by other deviants who are also active in maintaining artist's rights (big thanks to those who have done so). And a huge thank you to those whom I've posted art in this journal for crediting the original artist!

Thank you so much for your time. I welcome comments and don't be afraid to ask questions (I am sometimes...), constructive criticism please.

(feel like I've been ranting...just concerned about artistic rights)

:note: Another concern: Stolen Art at Conventions :note:
Here is the link to a journal piece, published by an artist I respect and admire...and wish I knew her personally :iconcutecryplz:, raising awareness about stolen art.
----->… <-----

If you see any art that is familiar to you (perhaps something you've seen on dA that you love or glanced at) and is being sold around at conventions, websites, etc, TAKE PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE! Bring them to justice, (lol that sounded so cool >,<) stealing is cruel! I always have a camera or smart phone on me whenever I go to conventions or expos, bring one with you too. Also, computers have Print Screens [Ctrl + Prt Sc OR Fn + Prt Sc], which allow you to take a 'picture' of your current screen on your laptop or desktop---so if you discover a website with stolen art PRINT SCREEN IT.

Officially done with this journal now, so again, thank you SOOOOO much for your time ^___^. And, like stated previously, comments and questions are welcomed.


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